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  • Chanel Leboy 28cm
  • Chanel Leboy 28cm
  • Chanel Leboy 28cm
Chanel Leboy 28cmChanel Leboy 28cmChanel Leboy 28cm

Chanel Leboy 28cm

  • $830
  • caviar/lambskin/patent leather
  • Accessories: box/dust bag/card/paper bag

The Chanel bags we sell only use original leather and hardware from original Chanel factory. They are made in best bag factories in China with decades of expertise in Chanel. We provide many color options and leather options.

It takes about 1 week to ship out if the item is available in the warehouse. If not, it will take 2 or more weeks to ship out. Please add our WeChat for customized service.


Contact: Lynn

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Tel: +86 181 1248 6591

Email: yejia@luxuryreplicabags.ru OR lynn00@luxuryreplicabags.ru

Add: Jiangsu Province, China

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